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Flat Web Sites

There are many web design trends getting evolved back to back as the needs of the users as well as the purpose of keeping a business website are getting diversified. We can see that website designing is one field which had gone through several trends in a short span of time starting from simple text information-sharing static sites to flashy designs, parallax scrolling, and multi-purpose highly dynamic designs. There had been times where the websites were packed with glittering flashes all around and junks of animations at every corners.

However, those days are far gone where the web pages were considered to be the showcases to display the complicated design skills of the developers as well the impropriety of the high-feigned designs are bygone. Now, businesses as well as the designers concentrate on creating a more user-centric site designs, which are having the aesthetics of simple customer delight.

Flat Designs

It can be easily inferred by looking at the modern web designs that minimalism is the concept which is ruling the design industry now and it will be the same for years to come. The concept of flat web design is an inevitable part of the minimalist approach, which would focus more the aspects of cleanliness, white space, crisp gaps, and warm colors by avoiding any flashy elements and using more flat 2D elements like they do on

It is an interesting fact that the first glimpses of flat designs started to show up in the Microsoft Windows sites as an answer to the skeuomorphism generated by Apple for their iOS and Mac OS. Skeuomorphic designs are focusing more on realistic designs with 3D effects and all to the computer displays. However, flat designs simply use icon like small flat images and simple designs to share ideas. By removing all complicated patterns, textures, shadow around objects, and mixed gradients, flat design focus more on making the website highly interactive with the users.

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