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  1. Aivars PriedΔ«tis says:

    Epic as always! πŸ™‚

  2. Roger Cornell says:

    How would you go about getting the pictures and things to actually overlap
    using html and css?

  3. Sade Siren says:

    I’m loving this video… I’m so happy that I’m becoming a web designer
    finally a career I can be passionate about

  4. Mys Beautiful says:

    what size are your mockups?

  5. fabio grilo says:

    @heldridas Olaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  6. luket12 says:

    Really nicer man, I have been working my ass off lately to get good at web
    design, but my main trouble comes when I try come up with a design, the
    coding part is easy really. It’s hard to come up with good structure

  7. xXCrypticalCodexX says:

    Why do you us fireworks instead of photoshop for the wireframe process

  8. AussiePolitics says:

    @mlwebco when you code the section with 3 boxes: “about the show, photos
    and videos and showtimes” will you create two divs and float one left and
    the other right and then in one of the divs put another div with two of the
    boxes in it?

  9. Mike Locke says:

    @gladeemarie Not all the time, in this case, yes the wireframe was on
    another layer in which I built from. But in other cases, I might do a
    wireframe seperate (in another program or on a sketch), then I just start
    directly in Fireworks to design. In that case, the wireframe is just a
    reference but the color mock is the final design with exact spacing, etc.

  10. MJR5123 says:

    wow, beautiful site and great tutorial. I always struggle choosing the
    right font! any tips on applying the best font for the situation?

  11. Mike Locke says:

    @heldridas Thanks for the compliments. I’m actually working on a complete
    training course on web design. Thanks for the encouragement…much
    appreciated. πŸ˜‰

  12. Adriano dos Reis says:

    hey mike youre videos are so helpfull!! but i’d like to know something
    about this video, whats the size mostly used on websites for example, for
    the image(the gray box) that you used as a “texture”? and what’s the size
    that you mostly use for the “billboard” box? i really like how the objects
    look proportional in your works.. contratulations and thank you so much for
    the helpfull videos!

  13. Mike Locke says:

    @newdesigner1 Appreciate the kind words, yeah I was self taught. As I like
    to say, street smarts. πŸ™‚ No formal training, just learning as I go.

  14. kpwebdezigns says:

    Loved the design process explanation but I have one question about the
    “billboard “area. How would put the “call to action” over a video? In the
    past I seen you place it over no video or flash billboards but not anything
    that transitions or is animated. To know how you would go about placing the
    “call for action” would be helpful.

  15. riprap24 says:

    Nice shit.

  16. dpeterse says:

    I would love to see some flash tutorials. Awesome as always, thanks for the

  17. GladeeMarie says:

    Hello Mike. I hope I can make this question as clear as possible. But upon
    building the actual site, is the wireframe hidden or transparent as a
    guideline for each content on it’s separate layer? Thank you.

  18. Helder Oliveira says:

    Really loving your stuff! I dont know any other “Web design” channel in
    youtube, as good as yours! Really, even when trying to buy a book or a dvd
    tutorial, they’ll sell you CSS and XHTML. If WebDesign, its only references
    to website images πŸ˜› Please consider working on a Dvd Tutorial on webdesign

  19. thebigeasy543 says:

    I am a beginner in learning web site building and you explain easy enugh
    for anyone to understand thankyou for the help and i hope to see more from
    you. you rock dude

  20. Alex Gonzalez says:

    Mike, where you self though? your work is amazing!!

  21. Shalante Jordan says:

    can you please to a video on the coding for a javascript slider. Please and
    thank you

  22. Mike Locke says:

    @kpwebdezigns If I used a video on the billboard area, then the call to
    action button and video would have to be done all in flash. In flash, you
    can play video and layer buttons and things on top.

  23. Works42 says:

    I spy with my little eye…lipsum. Very informative video though, made me
    rethink the process I use.

  24. Iain Hughes says:

    is mock up the term used when it comes to designing the website in PS ect
    first? Do you know where I can find some more detailed tuts on taking the
    mock up into dream weaver or notepad ++ thanks.

  25. Paulo Couto says:

    Here’s my attempt. Not as good as yours but I think it work out well for my
    first attempt. img811.imageshack[DOT]us/img811/6803/tentativa.jpg